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JP Digital Marketing & Social Media Management was born out of a passion for digital marketing combined with the drive to achieve results. It began when my success in sports allowed me to work with a number of companies across the South West creating digital content to increase brand awareness and up-sell products (as an influencer). My passion for digital marketing grew astronomically when my analytical nature realised there are strategic methods to converting digital communities into customers, I delved deep into the world of digital marketing and social strategy, leading me to grow my knowledge by studying with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


After starting JP Digital Marketing I've been fortunate to work with a number of exciting start up's and SME's and as I continue to grow my customer base I have realised that my knowledge can be used across a variety of sectors. Tradesmen, motor industry, outdoor adventure, clothing brands, utilities, and sports persons are just some of the sectors that my services have been used in.

JP Digital Marketing & Social Media Management also undertakes charity work, please email for more information, (you must be a registered charity).


"Fulfilling your customers needs to a high standard should be the main goal of your business, I strive to understand your customers and build digital strategies based upon your customers needs combined with the goals of your business."


JP Digital Marketing and Social Media Management works closely with you, becoming an extension of your team wherever your location. I develop innovative strategies that expose your business to your target market.

James Price
Founder and Digital Marketer

"My name is James Price asides from digital marketing I am a very keen surfer and adventurer. Enjoying the outdoors has become an integral part of my life. I believe that an active healthy lifestyle invigorates the mind, encourages new ideas and helps you find new ways to overcome obstacles."