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What is holiday marketing you say?

If you’ve ever struggled with what to post on social media, there are so many 'holiday days' that will inspire popular posts! Few people will “like” a post about your product or blog post, but nearly everyone who sees a post saying “Happy New Year!” will give it a “like.” With a cool image, they may even share it!

Due to new social media algorithms, this engagement is crucial to your social media success. Posts that don’t get immediate engagement are not shown too many of your followers on virtually every social platform. The algorithms basically think they are boring.

Don’t be boring!

Not only are holiday posts successful, but they make it easy for your followers to associate positive feelings with your business.

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Don't be boring!

Why not add in a couple of quirky and fun events, so you can surprise your audience with unusual promotional campaigns.

So let's have some fun while we make your followers smile! Looking for social media holidays?

I find them essential for spicing up my content marketing. Everyone loves a holiday! Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, the Oscars, and the large sporting events are all “holidays” that resonate with most audiences as well as some of the more obscure national days that now exist.

Check out this list for endless ideas!

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